Working Papers

Optimal Auctions with Signaling Bidders, with Martin Pollrich.

Entry in First-price Auctions with Signaling, with Tom Truyts, R&R at International Journal of Game Theory.

Signaling in Auctions: Experimental Evidence, with Francisco Gomez-Martinez, Sander Onderstal and Tom Truyts, R&R at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Existence of Equilibrium in All-Pay Auctions with Price Externalities.


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Online supplementary material is available here.

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Publications in French

Effets de réputation dans les enchères : l'inégalité des perdants, with Tom Truyts, accepted at Revue Economique.

L'enchère à offres payantes. Un mécanisme aux applications diverses, Revue Economique, 2011, vol. 62, pp. 5-28.